Privacy Policy

skip-hop takes the confidentiality and security of the information it holds extremely seriously and as a result we have numerous measures in place to ensure the integrity of our data and system.

When you are in the area of our website that requires personal information your information is protected by SSL encryption. You are able to tell this by the fact that the URL at the top of the page changes fron http to shttp. Some browsers also show a padlock to show the SSL encryption protection. When you are ready to pay for your products our server contacts the payment processing company SagePay which is also under SSL encryption. SagePay is a leading Internet Payment Provider. All of your payment information is entered into a secure encrypted area our website or outr payment partners. Your credit card information is protected by this system.

We do not hold any credit or debit card details on our own computer systems. If we have to make a refund we are not given your card details, we identify your original transaction by being shown transaction ID, your name, card type and the last 4 digits of the card.

We then request that the appropriate amount of money be returned to that card, we can therefore only make refunds to your original card.